About Us

Sizemic is a spin off from University College London and was established to support the SizeUK Retailers and commercialise the application of 3D body data focussing on fashion technology products and services for the clothing industry.  Initially based on leveraging SizeUK data (UK National Sizing Survey) into a portfolio of related products and services Sizemic has expanded the product portfolio into other related areas.

Through SizeUK, Sizemic has developed close business relationships with the SizeUK retail partners and forged strategic and working alliances with University College London(UCL), London College of Fashion(LCF), [TC]2 (a leading supplier of 3D body scanners who subsequently carried out SizeUSA) and IFTH (Institute Francais du Textile et de l’Habillement)  who were responsible for SizeFrance. Sizemic has also built a very close collaborative partnership with TPC(HK) Limited, a Hong Kong based company, who has pioneered a 3D approach to garment fit and pattern development.