Body Scanning

Sizemic Body Scanning

Sizemic offers a 3D body scanning service designed for capturing highly accurate measurement and shape data on individual subjects e.g. fit models or small groups.

We use a [TC]2 white light scanner. Subjects are scanned in their underwear in a natural relaxed pose. Light is projected on to the body and a series of cameras captures the deformation of the light around the body. The scanning process takes about 6 seconds. This generates a point cloud of up to 800,000 data points. Measurement extraction software then locates the key body landmarks and an electronic tape measure downloads around 200 measurements in less than a minute.

Accuracy, speed and cost are the prime benefits of using automated measurement extraction. Trials have shown that automatic measurement extraction is more reliable than traditional anthropometric measuring methods. This is due, in part, to measurements being taken without physical contact and from a person in a relaxed pose.  This stands in contrast with manual methods of measuring, where there is body surface contact that can lead to the compression of soft tissues; this particularly affects some girth measurements.  Small differences can therefore arise between measurements produced by automatic and manual techniques.

Applications for 3D body scan data include, amongst others – large & small scale size surveys, fit model measurement and shape comparison, customised (made to measure) clothing and virtual shopping.

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