Products and Services

Sizemic Data – Size Survey Data

The emergence of 3D body scanners has made it possible to conduct large-scale national size surveys and capture high quality measurement and shape data on a statistically representative sample of the population, quickly and economically.

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Sizemic Mannequins – Fit Mannequins

Sizemic mannequins are developed from 3D SizeUK shape data.  This unique process ensures our mannequins are realistic and accurate body shapes, truly representative of their age group and the clients target customer profile.

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Sizemic Patterns – 3D Pattern Development

Unlike the traditional approach to pattern development Sizemic patterns are based on 3D body morphology i.e. body shape. Shape is more important than pure measurements in determining fit. This is a leading edge, innovative and scientific approach to pattern development using Parametric Pattern Generating (PPG) software developed by our technology partner TPC(HK) Ltd
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Sizemic Analysis – Data Analysis

Sizemic offers a comprehensive range of customised data analysis services for Retailers and brands who have acquired the SizeUK data. Our service is designed to enable you to quickly understand the results for your customer profile and implement them in the form of new or amended size charts and body shapes.

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Sizemic Body Scanning

Sizemic offers a 3D body scanning service designed for capturing highly accurate measurement and shape data on individual subjects e.g. fit models or small groups.
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Sizemic Surveys – Size Surveys

Based on the knowledge and expertise from SizeUK, Sizemic has developed a capability to carry out, or advise on, sizing surveys for other clients. These may be national surveys for other countries or smaller bespoke surveys for more specific purposes. In collaboration with UCL, LCF, The Institute of Child Health & the National Childrenswear Association, Sizemic is about to embark on SizeUK Kids National Children’s Survey.