Sizemic Patterns

Sizemic Patterns – 3D Pattern Development

Unlike the traditional approach to pattern development Sizemic patterns are based on 3D body morphology i.e. body shape. Shape is more important than pure measurements in determining fit. This is a leading edge, innovative and scientific approach to pattern development using Parametric Pattern Generating (PPG) software developed by our technology partner TPC(HK) Ltd

Garment structures (3D patterns) are developed in a 3D environment on a range of customised or generic virtual mannequins – one for each size in the range. The software simultaneously generates 2D patterns from these 3D structures. Morphological grading ensures that the fit is replicated in all sizes and based on the 3D body shape of each size. The result is greater accuracy of fit and better fitting garments in all sizes.

Sizemic offers customised pattern development and SizeUK – PPG a service based on the SizeUK generic fit mannequin programme.

Customised Pattern Development

Customised pattern development is available as a consultancy service. In order to use this service it is necessary to develop 3D virtual mannequins first – see fit mannequins. After this initial, one off set up stage, development is charged on a per style basis.

SizeUK – PPG

This is a 3D pattern development service based on the SizeUK Fit Mannequin Programme and is available for womenswear and menswear.

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