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Sizemic Mannequins – Fit Mannequins

Sizemic mannequins are developed from 3D SizeUK shape data.  This unique process ensures our mannequins are realistic and accurate body shapes, truly representative of their age group and the clients target customer profile.

Fit mannequins are used in the clothing industry for product development and quality assurance. With greater reliance on international sourcing, more and more retailers are using them to establish a fit standard across their supply chain and speed up the product development process.

Sizemic offers both customised mannequins and a range of specially developed SizeUK generic mannequins available in a range of sizes and shapes representing different age groups for both genders.

Customised Fit Mannequins

These are customised to the client’s requirements and customer profile and based on SizeUK 3D body shape data. Sophisticated 3D shape analysis software is used to generate representative body shapes for any customer profile.  This is a unique process, more reliable than using scans of fit models who are rarely truly representative of their target customer.

The development process starts with the creation of a 3D virtual mannequin – a 3D electronic version of the finished body shape.

Before making the final mannequin, a prototype – a physical version of the virtual mannequin – is cut in polystyrene to a high level of accuracy on a CNC rapid prototyping machine.  This enables the client to test and assess the body shape and try on garments.

SizeUK Generic Mannequin Programme

In collaboration with the SizeUK Retailers Sizemic has developed a range of ladies and mens SizeUK generic fit mannequins.  These are based on SizeUK measurement and shape data using the same process and are offered in a range of sizes and body shapes representing different age groups.  SizeUK generic mannequins are being widely used by the SizeUK Retailers and it is anticipated that they will be progressively adopted by other retailers and brands in the UK.  This will help to achieve greater harmonisation of sizing across the UK clothing market.

Our Mannequins

Sizemic MannequinsSizemic mannequins are available in full body and half body versions. The full body is suspended on an adjustable metal stand at the neck, the half body is supported on an adjustable stand at the base.

All are constructed on a fibre-glass shell covered first in a layer of wadding, to allow pinning, and then in Irish linen. They also come with the following features:

  • Collapsible shoulders
  • Collapsible hips (for easy trouser fitting)
  • Removable arms and shoulder caps
  • Soft tummy
  • Measurement lines
  • Adjustable metal stand
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