Data Analysis

Sizemic Analysis – Data Analysis

Point CloudsSizemic offers a comprehensive range of customised data analysis services for Retailers and brands who have acquired the SizeUK data. Our service is designed to enable you to quickly understand the results for your customer profile and implement them in the form of new or amended size charts and body shapes.

Summary of Services

  • Customised Measurement Analysis – statistical tables, frequency distribution charts and scatter graphs. These provide an overall picture of the size distribution of your target customer population and show how well this is covered by your size chart.
  • Size Tables – update your existing size chart based on SizeUK data.
  • Hit Rate Analysis – calculate the percentage of your target customer group satisfied by your size chart.
  • Size Chart Development – a specialised service to create the optimum size chart for your customer profile. This looks at the range of the chart, the number of sizes and the most efficient increments between the sizes. The aim is to maximise the percentage of your target customers that can fit your clothes.
  • Shape Analysis – customised analysis of the 3D body scan data. This service is unique.  The output will show the average body shape for any subset of the data as well as the variation in shape across the sample. This is a valuable input to the development of fit mannequins.
  • Measurement & Shape Comparison – find out how representative your fit model really is – compare your current fit models with the size and shape profile of your target customer profile.
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